General Contracting

Comprehensive execution of the raw state of reinforced concrete structures. The detailed scope of services includes: 
  • provision of horizontal and vertical transport including the supply and operation of tower and wheeled cranes, telehandlers  
  • supply and installation of reinforcing steel 
  • completion, delivery of shuttering systems including usage documentation, necessary technological projects   
  • delivery and pouring of the concrete mixture 
  • damp proofing of foundations, including materials
  • delivery and assembly of prefabricated elements (stair treads, filigree slabs) 
  • delivery of material and installation of masonry walls 
  • comprehensive provision of all necessary equipment and power tools 
  • maintenance of construction documentation and preparation of as-built documentation  
  • engineering supervision at every stage of the works


We offer:
  • Reinforcement works 
  • Carpentry work 
  • Masonry work 

The core of the production is formed by independent brigades, repeatedly appreciated for their quality, reliability and speed of work while maintaining the highest safety standards.
Our employees speak Polish and Ukrainian.  We have qualified personnel at our disposal as follows: 

  • Riggers 
  • Signallers
  • Scaffolders
  • Carpenters 
  • Armourers 
  • Bricklayers